Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grazie Giro, arrivederci

And so ends another great year of the Giro. This has been the toughest yet, we've seen the sad passing of #108 Wouter Wegmann and numerous other riders pull out - Pinotti and Lewis the latest.

#108 Woulter Wegmann's memory still strongly remembered in the peleton

Italian tricoloured finish marking the 150th yr unification of Italy

Thankfully I've learnt my lesson and taken a few photos from my android phone so picture quality is improving until I can upload better resolution snaps.

Yeh... i like the way she holds the trophy too

Alberto has had an amazing race wining by a margin greater than six minutes seeing him overcome all contenders. We saw the rise of a little known hero in Jose Rujano keeping with Contador for most of Mt Etna. The crowds would roar at the mention of his name.

Australian time trial champion Cameron Meyer

"Good time trial. You get a Fanta "
Jose Rujano
Russell Downing being interviewed by cyclingnews
Swiss BMC rider Johann Tschopp
Stage winner David Millar post time trial

Congratulations Alberto on your second Giro win!

Alberto seems to have mastered the champagne celebration look...
very well...
Fingerbang has done it again

After the Giro my next stop is beautiful Lake Como to visit the patron saint of cycling - the Madonna del Ghisallo

Til then, ciao

Greenedge's Matt White

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